About Us

our ranch

We're located on 29,000 acres of rolling plains in beautiful Wyoming, where we've produced sodium bentonite for three—going on four—generations. But it all began long before we settled our family here.

Thousands of years ago, volcanoes in Yellowstone and Idaho erupted, spewing tons of volcanic ash into the air. It settled into inland seas across modern-day Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota, and combined with the salty sea water. As the ancient seas evaporated, immense fields of sodium bentonite formed.

This special type of clay exists almost exclusively in the area surrounding our farm, giving us access to one of the world's only reserves of high quality sodium bentonite. We make our home right on the land we work, and take great care to process this precious raw material in a manner based upon the principles of conservation and environmental stewardship.


oUR Process

Our litter is made for conscientious consumers who want the best for their pets, but not at the cost of the environment. Litterbox.com litter is processed using the most gentle, eco-friendly, and natural methods possible.

We consider the environment at each stage of our process, from sun-drying the clay to reduce carbon emissions, to heating our facility with renewable energy, to back-filling the land with nutrient-rich soil to encourage native plant growth.

What you get is a premium, virtually dust-free, chemical-free litter that naturally fights odors and makes hard clumps fast—that doesn't come at the cost of the environment. Our goal is to build a sustainable future while delivering a cat litter like no other.


our Company

As pet parents ourselves, we recognize that you want to give your pet the best, but it's not always convenient. We designed Litterbox.com, so you don't have to compromise.

From our farm, to your mail box, to the litter box, we've made it easier to care for the feline members of your family, so you can spend more time enjoying life with your pet.

Our litter service delivers premium, all natural litter right to your door. No additives, no mess, and no last-minute trips to the store. Just affordable, convenient, premium quality litter without the hassle.

Subscribe based on your needs, adjust any time, and get your litter delivered. At Litterbox.com, we make it easy to give your cat the best.